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Pictures of Japan - Kyoto 1

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Pictures of Japan - Kyoto - Kinkaku-ji, Golden Pavilion Temple
Pictures of Japan - Kyoto - Torii gates at the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
Pictures of Japan - Kyoto -  spring blossom at the Nanzen-ji Temple
Ryoan-ji Zen Garden, dry landscape rock garden
Sakura, cherry spring blossom at the philosophers walk
Torii gate, Heian Jingu Shrine
Nishi Honganji Temple
girls in traditional kimono
Kinkakuji, Golden Pavilion Temple
Pontocho dori restaurants
Geisha, Gion District
the Kyoto railway Station, modern architecture
all photography on this page by Willem Proos except image 0011- by Esther van den Bergh
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